LTE Connected Car Of The Future

Ever wondering how your car could become more high-tech, without having to be turned into a time-travelling DeLorean? Well, a partnership amidst tech companies and subject matter providers are cooking up the view of a prototype “LTE Connected Car”. that car would basically sport 4G mobile broadband connectivity, along with a bunch of cloud-facilities, like video-on-demand, audio libraries and online gaming. In effect, your car could turn into a Wi-Fi hotspot, which

is quite an appealing notion. It seems that the Toyota Prius has been selected as the experiment model for such a setup.  The p ress release can be found here.  Now, if we can just get Team Fortress 2 projected onto the windshield HUD…

Find more info at  LTE Connected Car Of The Future

November 6, 2009 · News, Tech
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