The bat is back! We were finally able to check out Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC, featuring none other than the Dark Knight. That being said, the PC version blows away the console version, especially if you are running Nvidia hardware in your computer. Heads up: this review may contain spoilers.

The effects are unreal in the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum (images courtesy of GameSpot.

While users with lower-end setups can still enjoy the higher-end graphical effects, Nvidia suggests that the best way to enjoy the game’s stunning, visual candy is to have an SLI setup with one card rendering graphics and the other set to handle the in-game physics. To have the best experience, the hardware manufacturer plus recommends you use 3D vision goggles, which have additional depth-of-field and out-of-screen effects similar to other games that support it, similar to Resident Evil 5.

simply stated, the 3D effects will blow you away! Batman can dish out a beating, and watching it in 3D splendor will give you a new-found respect for the Knight’s fighting skills.

Batman should be shipping out and available after September 15.

The excellent, in-game physics rendering provides a lot of subtle visual effects, but there are plus parts of the game where they're

used to great effect. At one point, Batman rescues a team of Arkham therapists who have been gassed by the Scarecrow, who appears in the game as a gaunt figure with glowing eyes and syringes for fingers. It soon becomes clear that Batman has plus been gassed as he begins to hallucinate about a dead Commissioner Gordon, the corpses of his parents returning to cuss him out, and an eventual attack by a giant-sized Scarecrow. that last come across takes place in a hallucination-enhanced version of the asylum's morgue, where the walls and ceiling and floor have been all but torn away, and the room floats in midair. As regular-sized Batman, you need to sneak around the shattered room without attracting your enemy's attention to get to a bat-signal flood light and shine it on him to banish him, constantly staying on the move by hopping across floating floor fragments to avoid his gaze. In the meantime, surgical instruments and dozens of wall tiles swirl dramatically in the air as the gigantic Scarecrow peers by the fragments of the wall trying to hunt you down. The effect of the floating debris is pretty spectacular, and it's a shame it'll be exclusive to the PC version, which is scheduled for release on September 15.

We highly recommend that you look into Batman: Arkham Asylum. You are going to love it!

September 10, 2009 · News
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