Rogers Unveils Sony Ericsson MD400g

Looking for yet another device for those who want to remain connected at all times without having to look out for Wi-Fi signs? Thanks to the Sony Ericsson MD400g, which will come in a variety of plans, you can. You can pick it up for nothing whether you decide to stick to a 3 and 2 year plan with a $24.99 monthly bill, or pick it up outright at $199.99 a pop. Some of the features in the Sony Ericsson MD400g include :-

  • HSPA technology – up to 7.2Mbps download and up to 2.0Mbps upload speeds
  • Built-in GPS receiver and GPS utility which can link directly in to Google Maps
  • First USB modem that supports both M2 Memory Stick Micro and microSD memory card formats
  • Built-in antenna complemented with an additional swivel ‘Diversity’ antenna
  • USB modem – can be used in any laptop or desktop
  • Auto-install & Auto configuration

Yay for complete connectivity!

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July 27, 2009 · Tech
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  1. Melanie:

    A lot of people have been hainvg problems with this, myself included. While I haven’t gotten the issue entirely solved, some things may cause the downloads to work again, such as rebooting the phone, freeing up memory, or uninstalling updates to the android market.This is a really dumb issue, google won’t say much about it, makes me mad as well. One time I got something to download after I had rebooted the phone several times . but not all things work for everyone. Good luck.

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