Maximum  PSP Go Processor 44% Faster Than The PSP

Anyone have a PSP Go? They are sporting a powerful processor. We knew that the PSP Go was faster than the PSP-3000, but “by how much” was still a subject of speculation. It is not anymore as an FCC filing makes the PSP Go speed official. With a 480Mhz frequency, it is 44% faster than the previous 333Mhz PSP chip.

At first, most developers will want to ensure that their games are compatible

with the PSP, so it’s unlikely that they will use the added capability for anything affecting the gameplay. However, it’s not impossible to think that some eye-candy could be added when running on the PSP Go. Physics, particles, lighting or reflections would be high on the list… As the user base grows, the PSP Go could become a platform in itself as Sony will want to push these models, and they will hopefully offer discounted incentives, along with enticing game packages.

July 3, 2009 · News
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