HTC Hero: FCC approved with AT&T 3G

It is time to mix up a good drink (but, please remember to drink responsibly*)! Absolut launched its new iPhone app Drinkspiration, leveraging GPS use and integrating Twitter and Facebook. The Absolut application recommends the right drink depending on the user’s mood, the time of the day, the liquor type, drink color, the shape of the glass, the drink location, and more. Using the built-in GPS, social media and users’ collective behavior, Drinkspiration displays what

cocktails are ordered around the world in alive Top list feed. Drinkspiration is expected to be released for Google Android G3.

*Drink responsibly: Alcohol beverages are only for adults of legal drinking age.
If you choose to drink alcohol beverages, do so sensibly, and in moderation.
Avoid drinking before or when driving, or whenever it puts you or others at risk.
Don’t drink whether you are pregnant.

July 2, 2009 · News
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