How about a little first-hand information on Fight Night Round 4?

My Boxer
The first thing I do in any game that will let me is attempt to put myself into the game. My first attempt with the Xbox Live Vision Camera wasn’t too impressive, but using a proper digital camera and using front and side photos of my face uploaded to EA’s Website, I’ve ended up with a fighter that I think looks quite a lot like me–at least from some angles. There’s no option to add tattoos though. /sadface.

First career fight.
Bolton Wanderers fan Justin Calvert ready for his first (amateur) career fight.

Other Boxers
Going into the review, I was completely unaware that it would be possible to share boxers online. I haven’t uploaded mine for other citizens to beat up yet, but I’ve expanded the game’s roster with a whole bunch of player-made fighters. Favorites include Zab Judah, Evander Holyfield, Joe Louis, Gary Coleman, Chuck Norris, and Bill Cosby.

Norris versus Cosby

Hitting the Canvas
One of my favorite features of Fight Night Round 4 right now, other than the fighting itself, is the new mechanic for getting back to your feet after being knocked down. The camera shifts to a first-person perspective, you use the left stick to straighten up and avoid swaying left and right too much, and

the right stick to actually stand. I particularly like the way that the ref checks you out before letting you continue.

Are you OK?
Are you OK to continue?

You don’t get to spend a whole lot of instance training in career mode, so fighter progression can be slow. The training minigames are fun, but their difficulty is wildly inconsistent.

This is one of the easier training minigames. Some of them are really difficult early on.

Online Play
I haven’t entered the Online World Championship yet, but I’ve taken part in plenty of online bouts with friends that, to term, have been lag-free. That was before the game officially went on sale, though, so I need to see whether the game is still performing as well now that there are a lot more society online.

That’s about all I’m going to say for now. I’ll be playing as JusticeCovert on both PS3 and X360 that weekend, so whether any of you feel like stepping into the squared circle with me feel free to shoot me an invite. I can’t promise that I’ll jump straight into a game with you though–getting through the career mode has to take priority.

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