Elevating Wheelchair Concept

Now here’s a design that will definitely go down well with those who are less able-bodied in getting around – the Elevating Wheelchair concept that is smart ample to alternate amidst sitting and standing modes. that electric-powered wheelchair could additionally turn into a vehicular concept in the far future, but in the meantime we hope that some medical firm will

take a look into its schematics and conjure a real-life prototype, giving greater mobility and freedom of movement to the physically disabled.

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June 26, 2009 · News
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    Rae: I think there are…which makes it even more impressive that they are all so far away from it! xGemmaK: Exactly!MrN: We do ineded have something similar, The Disability Discrimination Act. Unfortunately it puts the onus on the individual disabled person to make and carry out a complaint, unlike say race or sex laws which criminalise many such discriminations. If say I could not access a local shop, which in my town is likely as the vast majority are inaccessible, then the legislation basically means I would have to raise the issue with the owner of the premises, then if they fail to act after a certain amount of time and warnings it would be me who had to take them to court using DDA an expensive and stressful process. The DDA is basically toothless.As for the state of disabled facilities, the photos I’m putting up of toilets are typical, I’ve actually never been in a disabled loo which isn’t used as a store room, lacking mirror, dirty, locked or simply impossible to use because of the design, and I’m relatively speaking very mobile. I think part of the problem can be found in the new/old building issue , because so many of our buildings are old they can be very difficult or more likely expensive to adjust and in my experience the vast majority of business owners simply don’t care, after all, what’s the worst that can happen to them? Oh yeah, they might eventually get taken to court and told they must make adjusments which are considered reasonable by able bodied people, it’s stupid!!

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